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Xamarin android wikitude camera reversed on nexus 5X

Xamarin android wikitude camera reversed on nexus 5X


Everything work, i don't know why but my wikitude component doesn't have update and it's 4.1.2 version.

I remove component and reinstall and everthing work.

Thanks again.


Hello Matteo,

We fixed the issue with the camera on Nexus 5x with 5.1.0 version (which was released on December 2015) , so could you please make sure that you are using an updated SDK version?

Thank you

Hello everyone,

I try to implement some alpha video on my android app and i saw that on the nexus 5x the camera is reversed.

I read that the Nexus 5X has a rare camera setup where the camera sensor is physically mounted reverse landscape, and i can't find a way to resolve this problem.

I try to rotate the camera orientation but it doesn't work.

Someone knows a way to make it work?


Sorry for my bad english.

Best Regard.

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