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iOS & xamarin.iOS performance

iOS & xamarin.iOS performance


I recently re-implemented both iOS and Xamarin iOS solutions you provide on GitHub (i really copied-pasted those code), and I have several questions regarding performance or issues I faced.

For both I use an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1, and I use a simple POI world with only the clickable abaility that displays the Details panel

Xamarin iOS:

- my main trouble for Xamarin iOS is relative to the camera latency, when I move the device the camera freezes and refresh again and again. Is it a common issue ? Would it be related to the performance of the iPhone4 / iOS7 I use ?

- The other issue is that it takes quite some time for the world to load. The camera (~0.5 min to display the world with POIs) comparatively to Android where it's almost instantaneous. What could be the cause ?


- First off, the code provided is Objective-C, does Swift code already exists? or just even possible to achieve ?

- For iOS i have the opposite issue than for Xamarin regarding latency, the camera is following the motion alright but the POI move with latency. So is it a common issue ? related to iPhone4/iOS7 ?

- The world also takes quite some time to be fully loaded, what could be the cause ?

- Another thing is when i start the debug the camera won't start, I need to interupt the screen eg. i scroll down the iOS top panel then scroll it back up to get the camera to start, what could be the reason ?

- Last thing is when I kill the app, and start it again from the iPhone by clicking the icon the app won't start anymore (black screen then getting back to iPhone home page) it has to start from XCode to make it work, why is that ?

As I said before I copied the code from :


Thanks in advance for any answers.


Hi François,

Xamarin iOS:
1) This sounds like the device sensor calibration screen is shown again and again. We resolved this in the latest version of our SDK (5.2.0).
2) This might be because of the low performance of the iPhone 4. Which device are you using for your Android tests?

1) It is possible to use our SDK within an Swift application?: Currently we don't have a pure Swift API.
2) This might be because of hte low performance of the iPhone 4.
3) Do you load the Architect World from a server or the application bundle? If it takes long to load, please check what your JavaScript code that runs at start up or start remove line by line to see what causes the latency.
4) I don't have a explanation for that. Please try out our example application or refer to the code of our example application to see where the difference is between your application and our example.
5) This also sounds very strange and it's difficult to give you good advise here. It highly depends on your code I would assume. Maybe you compare your application again with our example application that is included in the SDK package.

Best regards,

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