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Wikitude UnityPlugin - Problem with setting my .wtc file

Wikitude UnityPlugin - Problem with setting my .wtc file

Hi Wikitude Team,

I have a problem to set my .wtc file, that i've created with the TargetManager, in my unity scene; in the component "ClientTracker" in the ClientTracker object, there is the Target Collection parameter that can be changed between the .wtc files in my StreamingAssets folder, but when i put my wtc target file in this component, the build on my android phone doesn't recognize my target images. The Target Collection doesn't work, and even when i use  "Use custom URL" doens't seem to work with my file " Can you help me in any ways please? 



Try to put your .wtc file into the StreamingAssets root folder and not into the "Wikitude" folder. There seems to be a bug about that.

It works! Thanks very much! 
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