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Wikitude UnityPlugin - Problem with setting my .wtc file

Wikitude UnityPlugin - Problem with setting my .wtc file

It works! Thanks very much! 


Try to put your .wtc file into the StreamingAssets root folder and not into the "Wikitude" folder. There seems to be a bug about that.

Hi Wikitude Team,

I have a problem to set my .wtc file, that i've created with the TargetManager, in my unity scene; in the component "ClientTracker" in the ClientTracker object, there is the Target Collection parameter that can be changed between the .wtc files in my StreamingAssets folder, but when i put my wtc target file in this component, the build on my android phone doesn't recognize my target images. The Target Collection doesn't work, and even when i use  "Use custom URL" doens't seem to work with my file " Can you help me in any ways please? 

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