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Client Tracker Help Needed

Client Tracker Help Needed



We are planning to use wikitude sdk in our application, we created a test app on wikitude studio, when we login to wikitude app with our develoer account, scan the preview via wikitude app, it is working perfect, here is the screenshot:


And then we integrate Native iOS SDK with our application, we try 2d client tracking (we tried self hotsing mode and provided file's url as client tracker url)


here is what we end up with:


it detects the image, draws a yellow square around it, but it doesn't show our Text.


We tried both external and internal rendering modes (we copied code from your samples)


we couldn't figure out what is missing can you please help


thanks in advance



I already answered your question via email. Here are the details again:

If you work with Studio and want to make use of the rendering done by the Wikitude SDK you?ll either need to work with the JS API or with one of our Extensions (Titanium, Cordova, Xamarin). The Native API does not offer Studio support. Furthermore you?ll need to take care of the rendering on your end, so I strongly suggest to have a look at the JS API.


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