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position of target on display

position of target on display


I'm study robotic , i want use wikitude and AR glasses for moving hand of robot and learn to robot griping object , so i should tracking 2 marker and send scale and xyz position of marker on display for hands of robat to moving!!

now i have 2 question:

1. in wikitude cordova plugin, can i have position of target on display and send it, and how ?

2. i want use it in , robocupe @home 2016 in leipzig and its completely for science purpose. i should buy sdk to have position of target or I can have it in terial version?!?!


Hi Amin,

Within the cordova plugin you don't have access to the positions of the target on display. You would either need to use our Wikitude SDK (JS) API directly and write a plugin for it. 
I don't know how you intend to communicate with the robot, but maybe our SDK with Java or ObjC API is the better choice. You would need to write also a plugin for that SDK in order to get the target position in the camera frame.

Please refer to our JS API and Native API example applications on how to write plugins for our SDKs.

Please contact to clarify if you qualify for a education license.

Best regards,

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