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SDU on an AR.Model

SDU on an AR.Model

I have created an transparent cube in Autodesk Maya that is 1x1x1 meters (40 inches). (Please see screenshot)

When I export this in Wikitude I get the same model (covers roughly 19x19 squares) (Please see screenshot)

Since this cube is 1x1x1 meters it would roughly be 1SD

When creating the model in Wikitude

this.modelCar = new AR.Model("assets/cube.wt3", });
World.obj = new AR.GeoObject(location, {
        drawables: {


Where do I set SDU? In this case will the SDU value be 1/19 (since it covers 19x19 grids)?

Hi Arnt,
This link should help.

In short, set the `scale` property of your `AR.Model`.

If you still have problems, could you describe in more detail what you try to achieve?

Best regards,

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