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Unable to run cordova samples in browser

Unable to run cordova samples in browser

I am unable to run the cordova samples on the browser. I ran the from here and then opened /www/world/1_ClientRecognition_1_ImageOnTarget/index.html in the browser.


architect://architect.js Failed to load resource: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME
imageontarget.js:15 Uncaught TypeError: AR.ClientTracker is not a constructor


I tried to locate architect.js but can?t find it anywhere.

Hi Pradhyo,
Architect Worlds need to run on a mobile device that loads it using the Wikitude SDK (JS API). Your desktop browser can't find architect.js because it's injected by our SDK. To try out the sample, run the cordova application on your mobile device (Android/iOS).

You can also find more information in our Cordova documentation.


Best regards,

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