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Calibration bug, tiny POI markers

Calibration bug, tiny POI markers


firstly about our setup:

- SDK PRO+ subscription

- whole architect world with data is saved locally in the app bundle, so it it not downloading from the internet and it works offline.

- we are using only  geo AR


we have two issues:

1. we discovered a strange bug, every few seconds calibrating feature appears, but in split second it dissapears, and it is doing repeatedly all over again. Also when calibration disappears it sets the west to where your phone is currently heading.

See in the video:

Why calibrating disappears without finishing? How to fix it?


2. sometimes, randomly, after showing WTArchitectView all the POIs are drawn tiny.

In normal circumstances all the POIs have fixed size (scene.scalingFactor = 1.0) , size is set to be approximately half the width of the screen (can be seen in video above). When bugged, POIs are drawn with cca 10px width.

I only have this small low quality picture available, but compared to the video above you can guess or imagine what is there:

Also, sometimes POIs are redrawn to correct sizes after a few minutes.

Hi Howard,
Do you start/stop the Wikitude SDK rendering in -viewWillAppear/-viewDidAppear | -viewWillDisappear/-viewDidDisappear? If so, can you try to decouple calls from -start: and -stop from those view lifecycle methods. It might be that the following happens:

*compass calibration screen is shown
* our SDK is stopped because the disappear methods are called
* stopping our SDK might remove the calibration screen
* calibration screen is removed, appear methods are called
* our SDK is again started and tries to calibrate the compass again
* above steps repeat.

Can you reproduce the behaviour with our example application or if not, send us a demo project where we can reproduce the issue?

Best regards


1. somehow this piece of code (from examples) was causing the bug, not sure why it was repeatedly called:



2. it is hard to replicate since it is so random, when we know more about how is this caused, i will tell you

Hi Howard,
Yes, it's really hard to reproduce the problem. 

Thx for keeping us up to date. I really appreciate updates if that helped resolving your issue.

Best regards


Hello. I am having this same issue, and it?s reproducible with the example application included with version 5-1-4. I downloaded the application, replaced the license key, built the example using Xcode 7.3.1, and ran the application on iOS 9.3.2.


When selecting any of the POI examples, the compass calibration rapidly appears and disappears for several minutes. Eventually - after minutes - the compass calibration stops flashing on the screen.

Hello Travis,

This bug will be fixed in the next SDK release that is scheduled to happen really soon. We are currently in the final testing phase and we are about to release the new version within this/next week.


Thank you.
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