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3D Encoder not showing colour and texture

3D Encoder not showing colour and texture

Hi. I am using Wikitude 3d encoder1.4(1)  and try to load the below attached fbx file (downloaded from Autodesk sample). it turned out it only appear a an outline object with black color on under 3D encoder. I checked the file under the Autodesk FBX review and seems working fine. Is there any steps i miss out to operate after i open the file? Thanks. Please see the screenshot and the orginal fbx file. Thanks

This because the FBX Reviewer adds a default light source to the scene, and the Wikitude3dEncoder imports the scene as is.

I guess the 3D model contains normals on the vertices. Therefore the encoder assumes that the material is lit. But lighting without a light source causes black faces.

Try adding a light source to your 3D model.
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