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Walk around 3D Model

Walk around 3D Model

Hello all,

I'm trying something out for the last hour and I thought it might be nice to ask if it was just possible in a first place.

I was wondering if it was possible to have a 3D model at geolocation and walk around it.

I'm working with geopoints, so i fixed a model (the earth model wikitude provides) to be at my current location + 2m north and I move in the room to see what's happening,

but it doesn't seems to work out, the model is always facing me as I walk left or right it should adapt in size and in display as if I was actually walking around it, but its not.

I'd be glad to hear some suggestions if someone has some to provide,  (should I adapt the scripts? maybe the geolocation isn't accurate enough with wifi or 3G? is it just possible?)


Hello Francois,

Having the 3D model facing at you everytime you change your current position is how SDK works right now. This is a feature that we actually want to add at the near future.

Hi Eva,

didn't get your answer. Is it available with the latest SDK version or do you want to add it in the future?

@Francois: I don't tried it, but isn't it possible with the relative location function?

Best regards, Patrick


As the SDK works currently, you cannot walk around the 3D model. Every time the user changes his location he will continue to see the 3D model facing him. Being able to walk around the 3D model is something that we are thinking about and would like to add this feature in the future. But for now, this is not possible.

Thanks you



I don't think it's possible because Relative Location (as i understood it, someone correct me if i'm wrong) is a fixed location relatively to the user, for example 1m in front of you, so when you walk forward the model stays at 1m in front of you as the device is the point (0,0) for this relative location


Hi Team,

Hope you are well. Can you please confirm if this functionality is available in the SDK currently? Is it possible now to place a 3d model in the AR Environment and walk around it?

I have been implementing an AR Environment in my application but I have not been able to achieve this functionality yet. My 3d model to a geo location which I have defined beside me, but when I move the 3d model appears to move with me and it is not possible to view other sides of the 3d object.

If the functionality has not been extended yet as discussed above, would it be possible to achieve this with a RelativeLocation instead of a GeoLocation?

Thanks in advance for the help,


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