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I'm working on Google Glass and I try to create a Bowling's game with Wikitude. I succeed to display 10 pins in 3D on my view but the problem is that becomes really slow. With one pin, the view worked without problem but with 10 pins, the Glass heats very much and the view becomes so slow. So is Wikitude not able to display too much 3D models on the view or is the Glass not powerful enough to display these elements?

I'm a newbie on the Glass and Wikitude so I need people's experience on these technologies,

Thank you.


Hi Andriamihar,

There is no limit on the size of the 3D models in terms of numbers of mesh vertices or textures. However, for rendering the 3D models fluently on mobile devices we recomment to keep the total file size below 5-10 MB and the number of mesh vertices below 100k. This is why when you put 10 pins you are facing issues. If you want you can also have a look at the documentation here.

Thank you
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