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Client Recognition is not working .......?

Client Recognition is not working .......?


Hi All,


Presently i'm working wikitude unity plugin. I'm very new to wikitude. But i working with sample its working fine with magazine trackable and its tracking wikitude eye.

But when i replace with my file its not tacking wikitude eye model.

I dont where is the mistake.

Im using Unity pluging 1.2.1-1.1.0.


Hello Ramji,

Are you using our 3D encoder to generate the wt3 file? You can also have a look at the documentation page here.

Thank you

First of all thanks for the reply.

I'm asking about .wtc file not .wtm file.

But here my problem is, when i'm adding my own .wtc file not tracking.



In the trackable behaviour please make sure that the Target Pattern is set to something that corresponds with your target collection, or use "*" as a wildcard to track. Are you using the our sample to test your wtc file? If so, was anything else changed except for the wtc file?

Best regards,

Hi thanks for the responce,

I taken Unity empty project, and custom import Wikitude packkage to my project.

Then create a new empty scene,

1) Just added wikitude camera prefab

2)Added client Tracker prefab. In client tracker traget collection drop down list, me select file.

3)Added a small cude as a child of Trackable.

4)Given trackable pattern strirng name is "*".


But its wont work for me. It didn't tarcke any thing. Please suggest me any solution.



Those steps should be sufficient to get it up and running. One other thing to check is if the position of the cube is 0 relative to the parent, otherwise it will be offset and might appear out of the camera. If it still doesn't work, and if it's possible for you, you can send the project to and I will have a look at it.

Best regards,

Sure alexandru.

I'm sending my complete project as a unity package, to the given mail id.
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