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Blender to Encoder tutorial

Blender to Encoder tutorial

Hello there, I work with photogrametry (Photoscan Pro) projects and I am exporting my .obj files to Blender to convert to .fbx in the Encoder (.wt3), but with no luck. I tryed to do all the steps recommended on the "good practices" link:

So far I've got the same model imported as .obj in Blender working just fine in the Encoder. It uploads ok to the Wikitude Studio too, but when I go to visualize it nothing happens.

Here is the link to the .obj, .fbx and .wt3 files:

I am using IPhone 4S and IPad, all other AR tests with simple jpg images worked just fine.
Can someone please help?

Thank you so much

Thanks for the link to your 3D model. I tested the wt3 the link provides on an iPhone 4S and it renders fine. 

Maybe you have to re-check your AR world (JS code). I used a scaling of 0.05.

Hello Roland, thanks for the reply.
Did you export the project? I am not able to see it in the Wikitude Studio preview. I tryed to follow the 3D model scale you gave me on the set up there, but it still won't work.
I attached the screen of the wikitude studio here so that you can have a look. 
Why did you mentioned the JS code? I haven't touched any of that 'till now. I just tryed to follow the instructions found at Wikitude.


Currently Studio doesn't display the content of the wt3. Therefore you will only see a box (as a replacement for the 3D model) which you can use to align the 3D model relative to the target image.


(I was talking about JS because Studio is creating an html/JS AR world. But if you use Wikitude Studio only you will not get in touch with it.)


I see that you will need the current version of the Wikitude SDK (5.1.4) for rendering this 3D model. There seems to be a problem with this 3D model which is only handled correctly by new SDK.
If you use the Studio preview with the Wikitude iOS App it won't work. Currently the Wikitude app is not yet up-to-date with the SDK. A new version will be available during the next weeks. 


So, for the moment you can only download the project and install it directly on your device to see you 3D model augmentation. 
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