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POI Compass inaccuracy problems (iOS + Android)

POI Compass inaccuracy problems (iOS + Android)

Thanks for your reply. I will keep looking for solutions from your tips.

I thought that setLocation would be as accurate as possible, but even that didn't work as I hoped.

Note that the "POI accuracy" also highly depends on your location accuracy. You may implement AR.context.onLocationChanged in your JS experience and check accuracy value (in AR.CONST).
Sidemark: Usage of PlayServices will improve location accuracy on Android a lot.

Best regards


I'm using the Cordova plugin, version 3.2.1 (SDK 5.1.4).

On iOS 9 I have a compass accuracy problem for the POIs, even after calibration. Sometimes the POIs shows up to the left of the target, and sometimes to the right. I've tried to set the location manually, which sometimes makes it even worse. The device rotation doesn't matter much. The coordinates are correct, since they're showing up quite okay when I'm 20m from the target. The problem is more obvious when I'm a few hundred or a few kilometres away, which this app is meant to be used for.

On Android 6 Marshmallow and 5.1 Lollipop the POIs sticks to the screen, or moves the opposite on screen way when moving the phone (Nexus 5X and 4).

Is there something that I'm missing? A permission setting maybe?
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