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return from Java Script to .java Class Android Studio ?

return from Java Script to .java Class Android Studio ?

Using  Wikitude Sample App
Tool:  Android Studio

Hi, I am trying to call java class from java script, I dnt know how it works, I have not much experience neither in Android nor in wikitude.
Java Script File:  3D models at geolocation, I want to call this java script file each time user location is changed.

I have done this kind of stuff with Multiple POI java script, i.e each time user location is changed I call a method which call java Script function "World.loadPoisJsonData".

The reason  I want to do this is I have set the "get Culling distance metes" to very low value around 100, meters so I want to create Only those 3d Objects which are in this range and for this I need to call on location Changed method each time location changes which can only be called from Java,
This works very vell with  MULTIPLE POI java script although I don't know yet when it goes back to java class,

So if anyone could point me to code in java script that calls, the JAVA class, It'll Really help me out


Hello Muhhamad,

Since you mentioned that you want to work with 3D models and GeoLocation maybe the example provided below could help you.

Thank you
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