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Custom Multiple Geolocations for 3D MODELS

Custom Multiple Geolocations for 3D MODELS

I have been working on wikitude for a month or so USING WIKITUDE SAMPLE APP ON ANDROID STUDIO, So far i have achieved, multiple POI 2d objects with my information which is coming from a database, and now I want to do the same with 3D models, i.e I want multiple 3D models at  different GeoLocations, Is there anything like this supported by wikitidue API,  functions in java Sccript of MultiplePOI will work in 3D models at geolocation Java script ? I have seen other Threads where they hardcode the location in java script well i want to send the data from .java Class Please Reply ASAP thanks.,    

Hi Muhammad,

Yes it is possible to have multiple 3D models at different GeoLocations. You can find details on how to do that in the sample provided here.

Thank you

Thanks For Your Reply surely this will help me out in some way, I tried few steps on my OWN and it worked. Now i will look into the Link you provided for further information and help :)

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