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Points of interest image not showing

Points of interest image not showing

Hi Valerii,

Thanks for your info.


Hi Andreas,

I have this issue in both GeoAR and cloud regconition AR. Do have any news about the issue?

I tested on iPhone 6, and iPhone SE, the issue exists on both devices.






Hi Liang,
We just released an update of our SDK (5.2.0) a few days ago. We specifically looked into this issue and it should be gone now. If you continue to have problems, please let us know ;)

Best regards,


 Hello Team,

I am facing the same issue and also logged the question ( but still not get the solution.

Can any once help me on that.

Hello Rajveer,

We are already investigating the previous forum post you have created with this exact same issue. I kindly ask not to generate duplicated forum posts as it is harder for us to work efficiently.



Sure Eva..!!


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