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Converting x3d to wt3

Converting x3d to wt3

Hi wikitude community,

I am trying to convert a model in x3d format to wt3 format with wikitude 3d encoder.
First I used another program to convert x3d to dae which can be open by wikitude 3d encoder.
Then I try to open it but I received this error message :

'Symbol not found:'

I upload the model as Attachmentsjust in case.
Do you guys have an idea about this error or advice about this conversion?

Thank in advance,



EDIT: When I export it in .fbx format and try to open it I have the following message:
Error : Scene import failed
Warning: No material assigned. Using default material.

Hello Tom,

Since our latest update the 3D encoder does no longer support .dae files. So in order for you to be able to use the 3D encoder you will have to convert your files to .fbx format.

Thank you

Hello Eva,

thank you for your answer. As I said in my edit, in fbx format I have the error message 'scene import failed'.
I downloaded the last version of wiki 3d encoder and I have the following warnings : 
No material assigned
The 3d model is empty

I am using blender to convert my file and I don't understand why I can't open it on 3d encoder.
I added the plane.fbx in attachment.
Does 3d encoder require compulsory properties of the scene ?

Thank you

Hello Tom,

With Wikitude 3D encoder you can still use 3D models from other 3D modeling tools like Blender but you will need to convert them to the wt3 file format. Can you please refer to the documentation section here and see if you still have problems? 

Thank you

Yes I already saw this documentation. I downloaded the free tool "FBX Reviewer? and I can open my fbx model with it.
Yet I keep having the same error I described when I try to open the same fbx file.

When I try with the basic sample 'the cube' I can export it as fbx and then open it properly.
But somehow the model I am using may be lacking an information needed by wikitude 3D encoder but I can't find which one..

Thank you

Your 3D model pointed us to a bug in Wikitude3dEncoder. The 3D model contains a point light which causes an error during loading. 

A fixe will be included in the next release of the Wikitude3dEncoder. In between you can choose a different type of light source, or remove the any light source and just use a texture. 


Thank you! I deleted light sources and I can open my model with Wikitude 3d encoder with no error.

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