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The second imageDrawable is not shown for the first time application starts

The second imageDrawable is not shown for the first time application starts

I am developing an Android application with Wikitude Version 5.1.4 and there seems to be a bug. I am trying to show 2 imageDrawables over 1 target but every time I start the application for the first time it is shown only 1 image overlay. If I go back and try it again it will work - it shows both imageDrawables. 

If I clean the memory on my smartphone(clear the RAM) and start the app again - the same thing happens.

Please help me.

Hello ivan,

We are not aware of this issue so could you please send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally? Thanks

Here you go.

I am trying out your SDK for making AR apps and this is the first time to find some bug.

We just tested your project and what happens is that the images are overlapping each other. So in order to fix that you should change the offsetX and offsetY dimensions to different values. For example, you can change the values in the second image you want do be displayed to something like that (but keep in mind that you have to figure out what the values should be based on where you want the image to be displayed)

var dearNight1 = new AR.ImageResource("assets/whiteDearsAtMuseumNight.jpg");

        var dearNight2 = new AR.ImageDrawable(dearNight1, 1, {

            offsetX: 1.10,

            offsetY: 2


I want them in the same level so I have only changed the X offset. They are not overlapping anymore(there is even some free space beetween pictures), but the same problem still occurs for the first time scanning after opening the app.

Hi Ivan,
At least on iOS I get the texture memory exceeded message. It means that your augmentation image resources are too big in size. Please reduce the pixel size and try it again. After I did the chagnes It worked as expected.

Best regards


Ok, thank you for your answer.

But it is still funny because it all works well when the application is started for the second time(after it has been started at least once).

What would be optimal picture size for augmetation images?

It depends on how many image resources you have loaded at the same time. 1024x1024 should be ok in most cases.

Best regards

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