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Faisability of displaying 3D Model on geolocation

Faisability of displaying 3D Model on geolocation


I was asked to do something that i'm quite sure it's not possible, so I wanted to inquire before starting to code

Is it possible to display a 3D Model that doesn't tracks an image data but a GPS/Device Orientation data  instead ?

For example I point my device to the Eiffel Tower and a 3D model of the Eiffel Tower starts.

If it is indeed possible, which tool and license should I need ? (Native API / Wikitude SDK ? Free, Lite, Pro, Pro+ ?) And how should I proceed to edit the tracker file accordingly ?

Thank you in advance for any piece of information you may provide me on this matter




Hello François,

Yes this is possible with the SDK Pro License and you would need the SDK JS API and/or any other extension you think might help you (such as Titanium or Cordova). You should keep in mind that with every GPS fix your position might change and that might affect the way your 3D model is showing (in terms that it may not be a steady position). 
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