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[Unity]How to save 3d Tracking Map / Target Collection Problem

[Unity]How to save 3d Tracking Map / Target Collection Problem

Hello dear Wikitude-Team,

i have the following Problems with the Unity Wikitude Plugin:

1. My Offline Targets don´t work. I uploaded 2 Images to the Target manager and downloaded the .wtc-file. I imported it into Unity and used it as Target Collection in the ClientTracker. But they don´t get recognized. Nothing happens when I build the App and try to scan the pictures. Same Pictures, but with CloudRecognition, work fine. 

2. I have the same Problem with 3D-Tracking. I recorded a .wtm with the iOS Wikitude App and imported it into Unity (does not seem to be the desired way to record and export the map, but was´nt able to find another possibility to do it). Checked "use custom URL" and "3d-Tracking". The URL is: "file://TrackingMap.wtm". But when i run the app nothing happens. 

3. I tried to build my own Tracking Map Recorder inside an App for Android. It worked until the Point where i have to specify in which directory the map should be saved. According to your (Native-Android) Documentation the "Tracking Map Recorder" has a stopRecording() function with a string as Parameter that defines the directory where the Map is going to be saved. But in the Unity-Plugin there is no way to call that Function manually (and i have found no other way to set the path). Is it (at the moment) even possible to record and save TrackingMaps in Unity? Because the Unity-Example App has no possibility to do this, it just automatically renders the Pipes when Map is recorded.


So my Questions are:

1. Why are my offline-Targets not recognized?

2. Is 3D-Tracking with Unity-Plugin possible (on Android as well as iOS)? If so, how is it possible to record and save the maps? 


Best regards,



PS: I think it would be great if you make a tutorial on how to set up a WikitudeApp from scratch (eg. for ClientTracker). Because the "unity-tutorial" video just shows how to import the package and export the (already finished) app to Android. It would make it much easier to understand how the Components work together.

Hi Markus,

1. The offline targets should be recognized. In the "Trackable" behaviour, are the events linked to anything? Other than that, I would need more info about how your scene is set up. A sample project would be great, if possible.

2. In the example project, the "Client3DTrackingController" script and the "Client Recognition - 3D Tracking" offers an example of how to record, save and then use a 3D map. The plugin offers a script, called "TrackingMapRecorder" that StartRecording and StopRecording methods, as well as a field called "TrackingMapName". It also exposes some events in the editor to be used as callbacks. The "OnRecordingFinished" event has a string parameter that tells you where the map was loaded.

We don't provide a tutorial right now, but there is some documentation for Unity (here), as well as a scripting reference (here).

Best regards, 
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