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[Unity] 3D Tracking freezing once map displayed - Unlicensed feature?

[Unity] 3D Tracking freezing once map displayed - Unlicensed feature?

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Hi I am using the latest Wikitude in Unity and android and I am getting the same issue. I am trying to use SLAM, must I always email sales in order to trial this feature? 

I am getting the the unlicensed feature also.


Hello Ritesh,

There will be an official release of Wikitude SDK 7.2.1 that will provide a bugfix tomorrow, so stay tuned!




I tested the 3D tracking feature on the provided sample for the newest version of the Wikitude plugin, and it seemed to work fine in the sample build (unless my memory is failing me). However, now that I've applied it to my own app, it freezes/closes when the map is placed, and the watermark 'Unlicensed Feature Used' appears. (see attachment)


Is this a bug or is 3D tracking actually a paid-only feature, even to test with? To me, it seems counter productive to not allow developers to even test 3D tracking (with the watermark) prior to a license purchase, if that's the case. I was very excited to see what it has to offer. 

Edit: Still experiencing issue, but I imagine the reason why it's freezing on here and not the sample is due to the license key - even with the sample, if I put in my personal license key, it'll freeze, too. 



To test 3D tracking, please request a license from this page:

Best regards, 
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