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How to Debug in Unity

How to Debug in Unity

Hi! I am new to wikitude. I really like wikitude!

I am a Unity developer. It seems that wikitude does not support preview in Unity Editor. So how do you debug in Unity? What are the best practices?

I am using 3D tracking feature. If I don't use Unity, what else can I use? (just to enable me to debug)



The Wikitude plugin works only on iOS and Android devices so if you want to test your app, you have to build on a device. Debugging is also limited to Debug.Log, unfortunately. Alternatively, you can use the Native SDK for Android and iOS to build your apps natively without Unity, where you can debug using the normal tools for that platform.

Best regards, 

Alexandru Florea

Thank you very much!

I am using an android phone, I tried Debug.Log("some script"). But I cannot see my information in logcat. Neither can I see the debug info in unity console.

Do you have any idea?


Debug.Log should be visible in logcat. Since it's not visible in the editor either, maybe the Debug.Log is never called? Maybe you can try to test with a script that is sure to be triggered and visible in the editor as well? 

I just added Debug.Log to the sdk code and saw the logcat output. Then I realized that I was modifying one scene and building the other scene used as a copy.........

Thank you so much!
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