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OpenSSL upgrade - Google Play notification

OpenSSL upgrade - Google Play notification

hi Daniel Guttenberg

Thank you very much for your support.

As I posted above(post at 7/12/16 11:06 AM),  we still have problem for build. 

Could you tell me what we can do for solving this build error,

if you have further information?

Thank you!



Hi Takamitsu Araki,


I'm afraid I cannot assist you with your issue. If I understood correctly, you seem to not be able to build without the Wikitude Cordova plugin. If that actually is the case, then you seem to be having issues not related to our plugin.


I recommend you follow the guide I posted previously for Lidya and create a new project. Maybe this will solve your issue.


Kind regards


Will the Titanium plugin also get this update?

What is very soon? 5 days? 10 days? 30 days?

I'm using Wikitude SDK 5.2 and update apk still rejected by Google Play due to OpenSSL problem .

Please Help ?!

Hi Shymaa,
Wikitude SDK 5.2.0 and 5.3.0 definitely solve the OpenSSL issue claimed by Google. Can you please make sure that the Wikitude SDK that you use in your project is equal or newer than 5.2.0. If you think this is a newer error message from Google Play please paste the error message here and we can check. 
Alternatively, maybe a different library has a conflicting version of OpenSSL packaged?

Best regards,


I'm using wikitude unity plugin in the same application Developed by SDK 5.2.2 .

Is it a problem ?! 

Hi Shymaa,
There is no public Wikitude SDK version 5.2.2. Can you please verify your version number and let us know which one you use?

All of our current SDK products (including the Unity extension) include a version of OpenSSL which resolves the Google Play message from the top of this thread. If you got a different notification from Google Play, please share it with us.


Best regards,


We belive that you will upgrade OpenSSL for Cordova plugin, too.

Could you tell us the estimate date that you can upgrade it for Cordova plugin?

Now we are creating smartphone application and that is scheduled to publish on Juny 11th, so we are worrying whether we can keep enough time to replace into new plugin or not.



Hi Takamitsu,

You can refer to the download link from the above post for Cordova/PhoneGap plugin.


Hi Lidya,

Yes we're working on the update currently and it should be available soon.




We have tried the refered download link in the previous post (Cordova/PhoneGap plugin), but it didn't work, we failed to build it.

We just replaced it into new plugin (we were told to do so), but is there anything else that we have to do?

Thank you.


I just built and ran the Wikitude PhoneGap sample application using the plugin files provided in this thread without any issues. Could you please provide additional information regarding your failed builds (build log, error messages)?

Thank you for your quick reply.

What we get is this;

com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/WTARViewController.m:211:15: error: 

      property 'currentArchitectWorldNavigation' not found on object of type 'WTArchitectViewController *'

    if ( self.currentArchitectWorldNavigation.wasInterrupted ) {


1 error generated.


Please let us know if we should provide more informatin on this issue.


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