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Android show Architect Map

Android show Architect Map

How to show the map from the map publisher(publish tool wikitude) in android application. 
I have publish an architect file(HTML, JS). May be, I'm wrong with something or I don't understand something but I don't know how to make this.


The Publish in Wikitude tool is only used for publishing your AR content to the Wikitude app. If you wish to include your AR experience into your own app,  the best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project.

I hope this helps. Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Okay, thank you but is it possible to make an app AR like this with wikitude ?


I have already check the documentation but I don't have found something interesting for this.


King regards


Does the ARchitect file work for you in the Wikitude app. Generally the SDK does not support displaying lines. So you can't work with lines at the moment.


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