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problem with unstable augmentation

problem with unstable augmentation
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Hi, I have some problems (or just one?) with my app and hope you can help me: I am developing for an android tablet using javascript, the app uses one target image (rated with three stars) and shows a sequence of five steps in terms of a pointer/arrow and a short text (=one image), the user can navigate between the steps. Technically it is the example 'Image on Target'.

- The most critical problem is the inconsistent positioning: Sometimes the overlay is ok (I used a simple rectangle with the target's ratio for testing) but in many cases scaling and/or rotations change. I tried different targets to avoid patterns, but the problem stayed.

- Moreover some Drawables (2d images) are not shown after the tablet was in standby modus. Sometimes it is shown again after turning off and on, somtimes the app has to be reinstalled. I can not see any difference between the content (same data type, etc.) that may cause this problem. The same problem occured when I used 3d-Objects: some disappeared or some turned into big gray/black blocks.

- Since I tested the app in the intended environment instead of my desk, the app freezes more frequent as soon as the marker comes to the camera view.

- The camera can not be used while any wikitude app is running, futher more I have to restart the tablet about once a week because any app using wikitude (incl. Samples App) causes the error 'Unfortunately app has stopped...'



I can not get any distinct pattern what may cause these problems. I hope you have some ideas to fix it :-)
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