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Launching Wikitude from Ionic causes history to be corrupted

Launching Wikitude from Ionic causes history to be corrupted

I have a challenge maintaining the Ionic view history once I launch a wiki world from an Ionic view. Once the wikiworld launches and I attempt to traverse the history by pressing the Android back button, I realise the views were removed from the history stack.  

Any guidance on this would be appreciated, I am figuring the launch of wikitude reinitializes the ionic history somehow, but I am trying to figure out a way to make the wikiworld totally isolated from the ionic app so it doesnt have the adverse effect whilst retaining the feature of launching from ionic.

The solution I beleive would be to be able to launch wikitude on a separate thread so when it is killed using the Android back button the  the Ionic history stack remains intact.

I would appreciate any further insights into this as I have tried numerous approaches which have not worked.

This issue can now be closed as I came up with a solution, as suspected creating the view on a separate thread would help and it did.

For anyone that may have this challenge check out: as that was well written and helped with the firing of the threads.


taskQueue.schedule('app.loadARchitectWorld(getSamplePath(0, 4))',0);



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