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Examples for Wikitude SDK in Swift

Examples for Wikitude SDK in Swift

Hello Jacobo,

I wanted to let you know that with our new SDK 7 we have included Swift support. You can find more information on "How to use the Wikitude Native SDK in Swift" in this documentation section. You can also download the Native SDK 7 from our Download page that contains Swift example.



Hi Jacob,

Currently we don't have any example using Swift. My advice would be to use an ObjC view controller when using the Wikitude SDK.




I am currently developing an app for a large company, and am looking for AR libraries that can be easily implemented and provide powerful (and fun features). Wikitude looks great, but I can't find any documentation in Swift. I tried figuring out the process of setting up a campaign with the Objective-C documentation but wasn't lucky.

Are there any examples available of apps made using Swift, or any documentation to set up a sample project?

Thanks in advance!

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