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working with wikitude plugin for unity

working with wikitude plugin for unity


i was working on wikitude plugin for unity. i run sample example of wikitude, it is working. but when i replaced 3d game object of sample wikitude with another 3d object(.fbx file), its not appearing on camera. i want to know how to add 3d object to unity so that it recognise in camera.

and also i want to know where i have to write c# script to move 3d object which appear on camera?


thank you


To change the model that you want to be displayed, make sure to place it as a child of the "Trackable" object, which should be a child of the "ClientTracker" object, as shown in the image below.

To add movement to the object you can open the SurferBehaviour.cs script. Inside you will find two functions that are triggered when the target is recognied and when it is lost, respectively.

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