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cloud recognize error 401

cloud recognize error 401

the detail is :CloudTracker could not initialize target collection '56e7af2087405ae6435f43e3' with authentication token '0fde38a41166624a749e2101fae023be'.  --  Underlaying error: 401 - INVALID_TOKEN. The token you have sent is invalid. Please check the X-Token header and place the correct token into the header.Causes:  See for more information.

   i am confused about the error,please help me with this,thanks!


As the error message mentions the token you're using is not correct. Please recheck the tockens you use with the ones mentioned in your license page. On the application side you'll need to enter the Client Token. And you'll need to make sure that the target collection id you use is created with the same account.

For further details please check the mentioned documentation section.



thans for your answer.I found the probem was that i had to get the client token and collection Id in American server web page but not Chinese one.The new question is why the client token and ID i got from Chinese web page were unavailable.I'll  appreciat it if you would help me again.

Hi Bess,

As documented here, under "Regional Availabilty of Cloud Recognition", you need to make use of proper endpoint and settings both in the SDK, Manager API and Target Manager. It means that if you would like to use our China Region then you need to use the following:

* SDK JS API: you can set the Region with AR.context.setCloudRecognitionServerRegion(REGION) where REGION is one between AR.CONST.CLOUD_RECOGNITION_SERVER_REGION.AMERICAS or .EUROPE or .CHINA. In the current example would be AR.CONST.CLOUD_RECOGNITION_SERVER_REGION.CHINA

* SDK Native API: you can set the Region via TrackerManager::setCloudRecognitionServerRegion(REGION) where REGION is one between AR.CONST.CLOUD_RECOGNITION_SERVER_REGION.AMERICAS or .EUROPE or .CHINA. In the current example would be AR.CONST.CLOUD_RECOGNITION_SERVER_REGION.CHINA

* Web Target Manager: access

* Manager API:

Note: Regions do not share data (yet). Consequently targetcollections created in China are not available neither in Europe nor in Americas and viceversa.

For any further questions pls feel free to ask.

Have fun!


     Thank you very much! The method works well.I am running the iOS Native example and there is a function setCloudRecognitionServerRegion: in class WTTrackerManager,which can implement the region setting.
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