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Error License on my own app

Error License on my own app

Hi, i have this issue: I get a trial license key, when i want to test the samples app it works fine, but when i want to use into my own project the license is invalid... there are some files that I have to have into my project?

I followed this steps (


"Copy the following files


All files from SampleAppResources/css into your www/css directory

All files from SampleAppResources/js into your www/js directory

The entire directory SampleAppResources/jquery into your www/ directory

The entire directory SampleAppResources/world into your www/ directory

Copy index.htmlfrom SampleAppResources/ into your www/ directory (overwrite)"

Download your trial key from and use content of license.txt as license key in your app.
Note that the license key in the SDK sample app is "special", solely works for this app and will provoke an invalid license if you try to use it in your application.
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