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Buil Error on Intel XDK

Buil Error on Intel XDK

I´ve followed as closed as I can, Wikitude Documentatios instructions for Intel XDK.

However, the build procces failed de tu an error, showed in the attaced Buil Log

Could someone help?


Hi Rui,
The build log says the following: Error: A build-extras.gradle file was detected. Gradle scripts are currently not supported.

You need to use an older version of our PhoneGap plugin which is not based on Android Studio (Gradle).
We will officially drop Intel XDK suport because they don't support Gradle, but this is not officially communicated yet.

Best regards


Hi All,

any news on this matter?



Raffaele Colleo

Hi Raffaele,
We still don't support Intel XDK officially because of the mentioned Gradle incompatible issues. As long as the Intel XDK didn't change, it will not work.

Best regards,


Are there any plans to support Intel XDK in the future?
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