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Wikitude Studio

Wikitude Studio



I m trying to add a image target from wikitude studio. 

While export As they said, if you provide a URL then we can scan the image. Here when I try load the URL using loadArchitectWorldFromURL method, Your Wikitude app is open istead of a new page. 

I dont want to skip the scan page from my app to Wikitude app. I need to open it in my app.

As I googled, I have found taht there is option called App Tempalate and it provide waht in need. But I can't found this app template in anywhere in the SDK. You mentied that it will be under the WikitudeStudio folder. But I cant found a folder like that. I Have my licensed account too. 

The Wikitude Studio App Template (App Template) is an Xcode project which simply shows a full screen Wikitude SDK View, loading your ARchitect World from Studio. The exported ARchitect World can be found in the WikitudeStudio folder.


Please advice me how can I load the wikitude studio scan contoller inside the app. 


You can either use the url provided with the 'Wiktude Hosting' export option in your app when you load the AR view. Or you can download the Studio proejct via the 'Self Hosting' option, e.g. package the complete folder with the app and reference the index.html from the local directory.


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