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License key is missing or invalid

License key is missing or invalid

Hi, I'm starting using the wikitude plugin for Cordova, i got my free trial license and I put it into the WikitudePlugin.js file but running my app and selecting the "Image target sample", an alert was displayed saying "License key is missing or invalid". 


Any solution? 


Did you download your trial key from the license page?

What platfrom is this happening on (Android or iOS)?

Where excactly did you enter your license key?



Hi Nicola, i download my license from here

The platfom i need is Android but, as it wolud be an multiplatform app it has to work also in Ios

I enter the license into the file Wikitudeplugin.js line 12 --> this._sdkKey = "HERE";


Hi Nicola,

I have Lic Signed, how to use it?



You have to open the file with any text editor and copy paste the license key provided there.

Thank you
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