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VideoDrawable Loading process

VideoDrawable Loading process

Please have a look at AR.VideoDrawable's onLoaded callback function.
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I describe my project and what I want to have.

In my AR-Application is a 3D Object and a Video. The video is about 15 MB and the 3D Object only 4 MB. 

After I scanned the target, the video appears after a few seconds. The problem is that the video stops at different places and hang.

Only when I hold the phone away from the target and scan again, it plays from the spot on. In consultation with the Support of Wikitude, we were told that the stop problem has to do with the size of the file.

So I built a Loadingscreen with a transparent background and a loading animation.

I want, that the Video and the 3D Object are shown to the same time, when they are completely loaded. 

Thanks for help and any ideas!
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