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3D Encoder - R6010 abort() has been called

3D Encoder - R6010 abort() has been called


I tried to encode my .fbx file in the 3D encoder. Unfortunately I get a debug error "R6010 - abort has been called" once I upload the .fbx file. Other .fbx file working well. Is something wrong with the file?


Thanks and best regards, Patrick

The fbx file you provided works with the 3dEncoder version 1.3, which will be released (most probably) this week.

Note! For using the exported fbx files in the SDK you will also need to update to SDK 5.1.3. 

Please give it another trial with the  Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 and the SDK 5.1.3 released today.

It works with the latest update of the 3D Encoder. Thanks!
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