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OpenGL on native iOS SDK

OpenGL on native iOS SDK

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I am trying to load a custom 3d object on the native SDK. I currently work on the provided examples but with no success loading an object instead of the provided orange rectangle. I am fairly new with opengl as well so any tips are welcome. Does the library support latest version of opengl es? i.e. 3.2. I see version 2 it's used in the provided examples. 

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Hi Emil,
Our SDK set's up an OpenGL ES 2 context, but with external rendering you should be able to use OpenGL ES 3.

To load and render 3d models, you can use every OpenGL ES 2/3 compatible library like,, or

Best regards


How can we achieve the same using WebGL. We are working with wikitude cordova plugin.



Hi Mohammed,
The Wikitude Architect view is a web view, so you should be able to draw anything WebGL related without any problems. If you want to draw custom augmentations however, you might encounter an issue because the target's model-view/projection matrix is not available in JS.

I could imagine that sending two matrices from Java/ObjC to JS every frame is not an ideal solution, so you might need to switch to our Native SDK or write a c++ plugin for the Architect SDK and define your custom augmentations using the previously mentioned c++ libraries.

Best regards

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