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Javascript SDK 5.1.2 for iOS crashes at setLicenseKey:

Javascript SDK 5.1.2 for iOS crashes at setLicenseKey:


I've just updated the Javascript iOS SDK to version 5.1.2, and it crashes at setLicenseKey: method with the following log:

Platform not licensed.
Application name not licensed.
Application name:
Licensed name(s):  
libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::out_of_range: basic_string

When I revert back to 5.1.1, everything starts working again.
I'm running my app on iOS9.
What's wrong?


There seems to be an issue with the license key and the application name - out_of_range: basic_string

Did you change the bundle id or the license key?




No. I did not change the app bundle ID nor the license key.  I only replaced WikitudeSDK.framework.

The old version 5.1.1 runs fine with the same source code and project config.

Hi Kai,
This sounds odd since there are no changes in our licensing code for the 5.1.2 update. 
Could you please send us a demo project where we can reproduce the issue? I will then have a look at it and send you feedback. Alternatively you could send us details about your company so that we can find your license and try it ourself.

Best regards



Now, I have tracked it down...
First, I changed the bundle ID of "Wikitude SDK Examples" to that of my app, and
fed it with my app's license key.  It runs fine.  Setting any bogus string to
setLicenseKey: method only results in the "Missing License key" splash screen to be
shown, won't crash the app.

The difference between my app and the "Wikitude SDK Examples" is that I have many frameworks
linked to my app, so I reverted the bundle ID and license key back to original state, and
started adding those same frameworks to the "Wikitude SDK Examples".

After I added the MetaioSDK.frame work to "Wikitude SDK Examples", it crashed at setLicenseKey:
with the same error!  When I delete the MetaioSDK, it runs without problem again.  So, that's
the culprit.

The MetaioSDK has nice GUI for their Geo location based AR, which is kind of difficult to recreate on
Wikitude, so I'd like to continue using it for a while if possible...

If you have the Metaio 6.0.2 SDK, it is possible to reproduce the crash.
Is it possible for you look into the license key validation process more closely?  It crashes inside
SDKExamples`Json::Value::CZString::CZString: with EXC_BAD_ACCESS.


Kai Shih

Hi Kai,
Thx for providing all these information! Very helpful!

It seems that the issue appears because of two different JsonCPP versions used by Metaio and our SDK. I'm not sure how we can resolve this, but I put it on our todo list.

The Wikitude JS SDK is quite flexible when it comes to Geo AR. What is it exactly that you can't do with our SDK but with Metaios?

Best regards

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