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Load new WTC file from URL

Load new WTC file from URL

Hi there,


is it possible to download a new WTC file on app start and then use that one for the local client tracler recognition? Is there a way to then create the mapping dynamically for the new trigger names inside the WTC file? I was trying to avoid using the cloud tracking to save on data traffic. I only need to show always the same model for different trackers. Is that possible by just updating and loading a WTC file from a server?



You may also use a (https-) url as path to your wtc file or implement an Android/iOS internal cachin mechanism.
Use Tackable2DObject's wildcard (using "*" as targetName / 2nd param) in order to receive targetName in onEnter/ExitFieldOfVision.
That way you can e.g. load the tracker from your server and decide on runtime which augmentation should be used.
You may even host an augmentations.json on your server which holds all information about augmentations, formatted like

"targetNameA": ,

Will then tell you the targetName on screen. You can then addCamDrawables accordingly.
Note: Ensure to properly destroy augmentations you no longer need by calling .destroy() to save app memory - and don't forget to destroy animations.


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Hi there,


Thank you for your answer. Is This solution also possible in Unity? (I forgot to mention I'm using Unity3D). In the engine I need to set the "Target Pattern" inside a game object and that's the thing I don't understand how to handle with a newly uploaded WTC file. Can I put just "*" as wildcard? Thanks.



Hi Robin,

Unfortunately, Unity doesn?t support loading new WTC files at runtime, but we are currently working on it and it should be available soon.



Hi Nicola,


Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to the new feature then! Is there a rough timeframe for when it will be available? It is a matter of weeks or months? Thank you.
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