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Xamarin 3D Model not works

Xamarin 3D Model not works


sorry for the late answer,

the Huawei model is the P8 Lite, and the SDK Examples work fine on it.

The log doesn't show up any useful information about the status of the recognition, but i think i've found the problem: my 3D model il slow to be loaded in devices like Samsung S5 and S6 that are great performance smartphone, and it's impossible to be loaded in low cost smartphone.

So i think that the model is the problem, my model is generated starting from a FBX model created in Blender.

The model technical specs are:

Verts 55,806 - Faces 28.949 - Tris 28,949 - Mem 26,28M

When i convert it into wt3 model using your 3D Encoder the final weight of it is 1.09 MB

Are there any limits about verts, faces, ecc.. in the render engine?

I'm using SDK 5.1.4

50.000 vertices and 1 MB file size is quite light-weight and should be renderable on all devices.

Before further investigating this problem I would ask you check again what does work and what doesn't. Please test the 3D models and the devices again, so that we can be sure on the following:

Does the 3D model which doesn't render on the Huawei P8 Lite show up on other devices?

Do other 3D models render correctly on the Huawei P8 Lite?
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