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Video drawable - Audio plays but no picture.

Video drawable - Audio plays but no picture.

Hi Amber,
We are not aware of such a bug on iOS.
May I ask you when you start playback of the video drawable? Have you tried to start it inside the onEnterFieldOfVisionTrigger and stopping it in onExitFieldOfVision?

Best regards



Sometimes, a video drawable attached to a trackable 2D Object cam plays the video's audio but doesn't display the picture. Reloading the world is required to make the video play as expected, simply exiting and reentering the trackable view isn't enough. It may play as expected on the first reload or take a few tries.

No errors are displayed in the console and the video enable property is true.

We have experienced this with:

transparent and non-transparent videos

online and local apps

using the iOS javascript api

Is this a known bug? Does anyone have a fix?

Let us know if you need any other information.

Thank you in advace :)
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