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Extended Tracking with SDK 5.1.1 - app crashing

Extended Tracking with SDK 5.1.1 - app crashing

I am trying to use the extended tracking feature with SDK 5.1.1 on iOS with an iPhone 6. The app runs stable if I switch off extended tracking. After switching on this feature, the app crashes after about a minute when I constantly change my distance to the image target. I also tried the examples delivered with Wikitude SDK and the sample 1_ClientRecognition_3_ExtendedTracking also crashes after about a minute.

We need this feature to migrate an existing app from Metaio to Wikitude.

Is this behaviour known and are there any workarounds or patches available?

Hi Boras,
You are the first one who reported this behaviour. We will investigate on this one to see if we can reproduce it/fix it.


Best regards

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