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"License Key Missing" with Wikitude Cordova SDK - 5.1.1

"License Key Missing" with Wikitude Cordova SDK - 5.1.1

Dear Wikitude Community,

I need to update the Wikitude Cordova SDK from 4.1.0 to 5.1.1. I successfully used  the trial license key with Wikitude Cordova SDK 4.1.0 for the my app. When updating the SDK to 5.1.1 version and enter the license key in WikitudePlugin.js (line 12),

the AR view show "License Key Missing" message. I tried the two keys for testing :

1. Old License Key (that works with Wikitude Cordova SDK 4.1.0)

2. Create the new key with Wikitude Cordova SDK 5.1.1

But above both key are not working in both platform (iOS and Android).

My enviroment specification as :

Cordova 6.0.0

cordova ios@3.8.0

cordova android@5.1.0

Wikitude plugin 5.1.1 

Xcode 7.2

Android Studio 2.0(Beta)

Please help me to slove this problem.


Please send more details on your key:

- Android package name / iOS bundle id
- order number

to sales



Hi Nicola Radacher,

Thanks for the response.

I need to use only trial key (with watermark). I used this to generate the trail license.

I successfully used the Wikitude Cordova SDK 4.1.0 (with trial license) in my app but now I want to upgrade the Wikitude Cordova SDK to 5.1.1 (with trial license) (because it makes some problems with iOS 9 such as my app crashed while compass calibration).

After updating the Wikitude Cordova SDK to 5.1.1 and enter the trial license key in WikitudePlugin.js (line,12), the ARView shows the message "License Key Missing".


Did you generate a new licese key when you started to work with SDK 5? If not please do so and try again. Also please check the documenation section in case something changed between SDK 4 and 5.


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