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Image is not tracking Properly

Image is not tracking Properly

Hello Team,

I have uploaded product image in target collection with white background.When I scan that real product in white background,Its scan perfectly.If I change the background with black It is not scanning?...The product image I have uploaded in  target collection it give 2 star rating and I have cut the image with exact size....I dont know What is  the issue....!!!!! Is it the issue with background or Image recognizing???


Please help me out ..!!!





Hi Tarun,

As mentinoned if the e.g. the contrast is not as good between the image you're using (let's use the dinosauria) and the background and the the dino on another background then the difference is too big and the algorithms won't recognize the image.  The best you can do is to make sure that you don't use too much background (which you do).

If parts of the target might change (e.g. the background changes) it might happen, that some backgounds are not working as good as others. or some are not working at all.

Can you please send me images of the dino on different backgrounds, so we can check.


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