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Fixed Indicator POI

Fixed Indicator POI

So I have a number of POI's viewable, of which can be selected.
Once a POI is selected the indicator displays, once this POI is out of view.

I was wondering if there was the ability via the SDK to be able to have a "fixed" indicator which then rotates to show the direction of the POI, whether that is out of view or not.

I can see I can get access to the indicator drawable (GeoObject.drawables.indicator) of which there are methods/properties which you can get "rotate" and "rotation", however these always report back as 0


Or is there a method or property of the GeoObject, etc. which will return the direction/angle/bearing that the POI is in.


Please advise.



Hi there!

The feature of a fixed indicator is not supported. Also note that the indicators attributes are not linked to the currently rendered orientation/rotation but relevant for "aligning the indicator-asset properly" in case you e.g. want to use an arrow that e.g. points upwards.

I think cusotmizing AR.Radar and AR.GeoObject.drawables.radar is something to have a look at - maybe this suits better.

Best regards,
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