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Multiple Target Images on Self Hosted Server - Scanned with a Single App

Multiple Target Images on Self Hosted Server - Scanned with a Single App

Hi to all at first,

i'm really new to the wikitude, but tried to get in touch with the SDK for Android and the Studio.

What i want to do is to make a single App for Android with a own Logo. (I know i need an SDK key but i try for now with the trial Key)

So on i need from day to day a new Target Image with a new content (for ex. a video).

But i need to make it feasible that the User can scan every new target image with the just only once created and to the appstore loaded android app.

So every day i want to export my content and store it on my own host. But how can i organize the Android app so it can scan all target images.

Every time i export the project (with a 1 target image limitation) i get a new

-augmentation folder
-js folder
-wtc folder

if i subscribe a package to get more target images, would they be all scanable on one link ? Because i cant (or better sayed i shouldnt) manipulate anymore the url link in the android app.


Every thought will be helpful, Thank you all in advance for your responses.


Hi Selcuk,

this is what we do:

a. we manage our targets and content in a backend cms. New targets are uploaded from our cms to the cloud targetmanager of Wikitude

b. when the target is recognised we call a backend api to check if this target was already scanned by the user and to get the content

c. we show the response/content in the app

The user/device would be able to scan all targets, but based on his scan history he would get response a (already scanned) or b (new content)

And from the backend you could delete the target in your cloud targetmanager so that it no longer can scan
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