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Can not load Geo World from server

Can not load Geo World from server


I am using wikitude cordova plugin to create geo app.

There is a issue in my project. onLocationChanged can't be fired on Android, but iOS is OK.

Then I try the sample app. It runs successfully when I tap the labels of ,

but when I put the world forlder which named on the server, and using sample app to access WORLD URL.

is always showed, and poi marker can not display.

Is there any attention when put world source on server?

need your help, thanks.

I had another try.

var world = {
"path": url,
"requiredFeatures": ,
"startupConfiguration": {
"camera_position": "back"

set just "2d_tracking" or "geo", and then it is OK.

sample app can not be fired also.

is it a bug of android ?

how can I use "2d_tracking" and "geo" at the same time ?


Please have a look at the 


In terms of location fetching note that the implementation of the locationListener is very basic in our sample application - Please also check behaviour outdoors and with WiFi connection.

If you want something more sophisticated have a look at GooglePlay Location Sevices (and cordova plugins for it)

Best regards


Hi Andreas, thanks for your response.

My issue is not to use geo locations now.

Please have a look at the second floor.


"2d_tracking" and "geo" can not be used at the same time

this is the new problem.

I had tried sample app, and it was not run too. ( )

Did you test the cordova sample app for android? not the native one.

Best regards.
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