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Undefined is not a function AR.CloudTracker

Undefined is not a function AR.CloudTracker


I am trying to implement CloudRecognition on Epson Moverio. I used the example project as a start (from the sdk) and implemeted the continuous recognition. But, I am receiving this error: "Undefined is not a function" when initializing the AR.CloudTracker:

createTracker: function createTrackerFn() {

World.tracker = new AR.CloudTracker(




onLoaded: this.trackerLoaded,

onError: this.trackerError




It's like the constructor is not defined in the wikitudesdk.jar.


What can I do?

Thank you

Please recheck if everything is set-up correctly and the components are all there. Please follow the set-up guide.



I am not using Android Studio. I am using Eclipse, following the tutorial for Epson Moverio:

And everything is set up accordingly.

The Android Studio Sample project does not work on Epson Moverio.

This two lines always return false when running on Epson Moverio BT-200:

boolean includeIR = (ArchitectView.getSupportedFeaturesForDevice(getApplicationContext()) & StartupConfiguration.Features.Tracking2D) != 0;
boolean includeGeo = (ArchitectView.getSupportedFeaturesForDevice(getApplicationContext()) & StartupConfiguration.Features.Geo) != 0;


Thank you!
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