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SDU's with GeoObjects

SDU's with GeoObjects

I am trying to use image drawables to overlay statically on top of objects. I know from another post that this is currently unsupported so I am doing the alignment calculations myself. However I am having trouble scaling the overlay images to be the correct scale in the real world. I am currently creating an image based on input coordinates. For example if I want an image to overlay on top of a parking lot. I input the corners of a parking lot and create a polygon png based on that. The image is always 200px x 200px. I then set this image with it's centerpoint on the center of the parking lot and there is my overlay. However, I can't seem to get the SDU to be correct. I was using an SDU of 20 which was working ok, but what happens when I have a non square thing should I use the larger of the width/height?


After reading more about SDU's I have changed my SDU to be the height in meters of the object. This still does not seem correct and is producing objects that are too large. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please have a look at the scalingDistance and scalingFacor of AR.context's properties.

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