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Geolocation not showing properly

Geolocation not showing properly


 i have selected 2 lat long and placed a marker at that position my problem is the distance between the 2 points is large but its showing very nearby .(positions are:19.15992 , 72.93975 and 19.16062, 72.86824)

and the output that i am getting is attached as output.jpg

and when i place the same geolocations through relative location i.e  

writng var geoLoc1 = new AR.GeoLocation(19.15992 , 72.93975,0,5);   as   var location0 = new AR.RelativeLocation(geoLoc1,0,0,0);

its showing as shown in relative.jpg


Please Reply


How far are you away from the POIs - if you e.g. are far away, they show nearer in the cam view than if you're further away.
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